Mitsubishi Mr. Slim – A Fantastic Ductless Air Conditioning and Heat Pump System

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is the most popular ductless heating and air conditioning system from Mitsubishi, the company that manufactures the perfect and ductless heating and cooling appliances. Mitsubishi was originally started in 1870 and has maintained its standard by competing with many other leading companies.

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim differentiates itself from all other heating and cooling units. They are completely stand alone systems comprised of two major components, namely an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is used for the condensation purposes and the indoor air handling unit will be mounted either on the wall or ceiling. It is through the indoor evaporator that the cool air will be discharged into the room.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim was introduced in the market in order to overcome the disadvantages of the window cooling system, in which both the discharging fan and the compressor will be located in the same room. In addition to being noisy, it also served as an easy source for the robbers to get into the house illegally and thus, it was avoided by a good amount of people for they switched on to this Mitsubishi Mr. Slim cooling or heating split systems, in which the exhaust fan and the compressor will be positioned outside. A great ease of comfort can be experienced with the indoor air handler, because the multispeed fan can be controlled in either ways through automatic system or remote control and moreover the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit can range from 25 to 49 feet and this fact increases its versatility.

The installation cost serves as an additional credit to the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim products, as they are comparatively affordable in many ways. It has got the easiest method of installation, wherein the outdoor unit will be located outside and will be connected to the indoor unit through a wire by making a small hole of about three to four inches in diameter on the wall. All kinds of refrigerant lines can also be passed through the same hole.

Even though they are costlier than the window shakers, it does not disturb the people sleeping at night as the window shakers do and they also have the option of supplementary heating, which can be done by reversing the flow of refrigerants and hence turning into a heat pump. There are many other advantages of the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim, a few of which are its better appearance, the safest method of avoiding the theft and its slim nature which is about 3 feet wide, 7 1/2″ deep and 11″ high.

The compressor of the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim cooling system does not turn off and on as that is been done in the conventional cooling systems and this serves as an implicit advantage. This is because the speed of the Mitsubishi compressor increase and decrease depending upon the need of the room and thus very little amount of power will be consumed by the unit and thereby the life of the compressor on the whole will be prolonged. These multiple advantages of the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim systems have made many other manufacturers to follow the same techniques in designing their products, so that they can enjoy a good profit.

Install a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless Air Conditioner To Get a Great Cooling Unit at a Great Price

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is one of several different types of companies that is offering these types of ductless systems for heating and cooling of the home. Mitsubishi has been offering this type of heating and air conditioning product longer than most of its competitors.

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim was not always a product could find. The only choice for a long time was a window unit which was very loud and inefficient at cooling your room. They window air conditioning units were also a bad choice because of ease of entrance into the home by thieves. Since the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is mounted in the room on the wall, this problem is avoided.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

One of the great things about these ductless split systems is that you can barely notice them when they are running. The compressor, which causes the majority of the noise along with the exhaust fan, are found outside of the house. These outdoor parts can be placed a good distance from the indoor unit which makes it easy to hide them and makes also very versatile. The indoor unit can be automatically controlled or with a remote control also.

When the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim first came out back in the 1980s, most people thought they were only suitable for a small office or a motel room type of environment. Over time, people have realized that they are a much better product than that. Some architectural designs make it tough to install a regular old air conditioning or heating system. In order to install and air conditioning or heat unit you may have to tear up a portion of a building which is not something most people want to do. With something like the Mr. Slim, an installer has an option to put in a unit that not only works great but also will be able to be installed in almost any type of environment. That makes an extremely flexible and easy to use.

The installation costs of the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim are comparable to what you will normally find in a larger unit installed outside of the building, apartment, home, or whatever the building may be. In fact, by the time you add in all of the extra ductwork and installation costs of traditional heating and air conditioning installations, the ductless units offered by Mitsubishi oftentimes end up being cheaper than their rivals.

They are more expensive than a traditional window unit, but they also are much quieter and more efficient. They draw less power and do a lot less ticking on off to cool a room. This extends the life of the unit and the compressor itself.

You will need to go through and study all of the different ductless heating and air conditioning products that are available. There were many different types that may suit your needs that exist on the market today. But for a great design and good units, you cannot go wrong by installing a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim into whatever your application may be.

You Can Find Mitsubishi Mr Slim Parts Easily By Searching on The Internet

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim parts can be found easily online. Mitsubishi is a well known brand for air-conditioning equipment and machines. This was the company that came out with a new concept in Air-Conditioning of small units, rooms or areas. The new type air conditioner came with a split kind of unit that had a separate condensing unit placed outside the room and a wall unit inside the room for air handling that could be mounted on the ceiling also.

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

Mitsubishi Mr Slim

This split type of Air-Conditioner was branded by the company as Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. The earlier model of bulky air conditioner was replaced by a slim and sleek kind of unit visible inside the room whereas the bulk of condenser and motor parts were placed in separate unit outside mounted on a bracket away from the sight of visitors in the room, thus justifying the brand name.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim

Earlier to introduction of this product to the market customer’s only choice was a window – mounted Air Conditioner. Hence, as this new concept became popular, there was need for parts for replacements for this type of Mitsubishi Mr. Slim air conditioner.

The heating and air conditioning parts for this machine are now freely available from several manufacturers for all brands. The original fitment type genuine Mitsubishi Mr. Slim parts are available with the company’s showrooms and dealers in all states and cities. The different types of Mitsubishi Mr. Slim parts that may be required as replacement in case of any problems reported by customers could be – air-handling fan, motor, hermetic compressor, condensate pumps, condensate pan, capacitors, Fan Coil, Air Devices, Chillers, Louvers, Vane Diffuser, AC units, Heat Pump, outdoor isolator and indoor isolator, condenser coils, line filter, indicator box, etc.

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim parts are also available online from many dealers and suppliers. The users or customers can post their problems online to these dealers or engineers. They are given suggested solutions in reply and offered with repairs and replacement parts. The customer may interact online with a mechanic or engineer in their vicinity who may fix up a visit to the site where the machine is installed, to check up the problem and carry out the repairs.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is one of the most popular brands for this type of Split Air Conditioners with many models for different kind of areas to be covered for cooling or heating projects. ‘Mitsubishi Mr. Slim’ parts are recommended for replacement where this type or brand is already in use and needs repairs of any kind. Heavier and specialized parts, e.g. motor, compressor, pump, filters and fan coil etc. are especially required to be genuine for replacements, in case these parts are damaged, as these would be vital for proper and trouble free functioning of the machine after repairs. Other parts, e.g. condensate pan, capacitors, Louvers, Vanes, AC units, isolators, etc. may be replaced by such parts which may have similar dimensions and materials and other specifications. However, a qualified mechanic or engineer attending the problem shall be the best judge to suggest the proper replacements, whether to use Mitsubishi Mr. Slim parts or other imitations if those are cheaper and can work for the proper function of the machine.